Broken Capillaries, also known as spider veins are very hard to treat. Medically speaking there are no known methods to shrink capillaries, but there are ways to make them disappear and to prevent them.

How to prevent Broken Capillaries?

The most common cause of Broken Capillaries is sun exposure. Always use sunblock, protecting your skin is very important. Vigorous scrubbing of the skin can aggravate already sensitive areas. Be gentle with your skin and use a pH-Neutral Soap. Don’t drink alcohol. It “feeds” the Capillaries with poison.

What makes Broken Capillaries worse?

Don’t go to the sauna and watch out with hot baths if you suffer from Broken Capillaries. Changes in temperature can aggravate broken capillaries. Strenuous exercise. Blood vessels break in the skin when the pressure around the area is increased, as during a heavy weight-lifting session. High stress can dilate blood vessels and result in broken capillaries.

How to make Broken Capillaries disappear?

Upgrade your natural vitamin intake by drinking 2 glasses of fresh orange juice a day. Try using natural vitamin-e oil (watch out 90% isn’t natural). You can purchase it anywhere for 4 or 5 dollars max. Take 2 drops and gently rub the area 3 times a day with your fingertips. Make sure to wash your hands before doing! This takes a couple of months before you see any results.
Mineral salt baths can stop itchiness and itching the area makes it worse.

Last but not least

Some skin-care companies claim that they can treat Broken Capillaries. It’s best to stay away from these companies. It’s a false claim. If you need any advice about how to treat a skin condition it’s best to visit your dermatologist.

Written by Lloyd Diamond, Head Chemist at Mudmasky. Mr Diamond has worked as a dermatologist for over 20 years. Please also visit