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Dear Medical Staff,

First of all: Thank you for saving lives. You are risking your lives to save others. I can’t describe in words how great you all are!

After being contacted by a London-based doctor in the U.K. about how dry his skin became after wearing surgical masks all day. (He contacted me via Twitter, holding a MUDMASKY leave-on mask and told me that this was the only thing that worked for him) I decided to donate Leave-on MUDMASKY moisturizing & nourishing masks (skincare) to his team. A few days later he send me some photos of all the happy faces of his colleagues (read super heroes). I have decided to do some more. Not because I’m such a nice person, but because I’m an egoist; the feeling I got seeing those happy doctors and nurses was beyond my imagination. I didn’t know that giving was such an extraordinary feeling.

So I decided to give away a total of € 100,000 EURO worth of our MUDMASKY leave-on moisturizing & nourishing masks to hospitals in need. Worldwide. For every “like” received on this post, I add an extra € 1 euro in MUDMASKY on top. I will add all these likes up from FaceBook, Instagram and LinkedIn till May 8th, 2020. (UPDATE: Today is May 8th and we have a few thousand euro left worth of skincare, just send me and email and I will donate the last bits to your hospital).

I know this is not much compared to what some big companies are giving away, but at least we are better than, who has made 5 billions in profit in 2019 and didn’t pay almost any tax in my country; The Netherlands. Now they are asking our Dutch government for support. Support that has to go out to companies in need. I have recently talked with some hotel owners and they are in desperate need.

I’m challenging to help hotels worldwide to support them financially after profiting from them extremely for the past 15 years or so. I’m challenging them to give away € 3,000,000,000 Euro to these hotels in need, which is the tax amount they dodged for the past few years.

Ok, back to my giving part. Do you work in a hospital and do you want to surprise your colleagues? Just send out an email to us ( and we have your back.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Kind regards,

Majid Mousavi
Founder & CEO of MUDMASKY®

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