I have never donated anything in my life, so why did I donate over € 100k in skincare to 27 hospitals worldwide? Because it’s the closest we can ever get to our mission I stated 5 years ago. 

The realization

The actual realization became after a client of us, a London-based doctor, messaged us that the only thing which helped him against dry skin – from wearing the surgical masks all day – was the Leave-me-on Winter Mask. So I immediately decided to donate these moisturizing leave-on masks to his entire team. When he sends me the pictures with all the happy faces, I realized again what our mission is (read below) and I decided to donate to any hospital in need up to € 100,000 euro in total.

The MUDMASKY mission

The mission of MUDMASKY is to help people all over the world having healthy skin, by creating pH-balanced skincare.

These frontline workers were suffering from dry and unhealthy skin. The surgical masks they are wearing the whole day have effected their skin dramatically. Helping them out with nourishing skincare fits in our mission.

Seeing the smiles, gratitude, and expressions of hope on the faces of those front line workers gives my team and me so much joy, which makes it all worth it! See for your self, here are a few more pictures.

Stay safe! Majid Mousavi – MUDMASKY® CEO