Organic Skin Care is starting to be a new hype, but what is Organic Skin Care?

When it comes to food items, the definition of “Organic” is clear, thanks to the USDA’s National Organic Program standards, the Federal regulation that defines just how organic food is grown, raised, processed and sold. When, for instance, you buy organic apples you can be sure that the farmer didn’t used pesticides and antibiotics for your apples. The farmer only uses approved materials by the USDA.


Nowadays the name “Organic” is also being used by many skin care companies, but the meaning of the term is rather vague. Unlike food items, consumers are not protected in the skincare industry when the name organic on an item is being (mis)used.

Is it really organic?

Skin care manufacturers are free to label their product “Organic” when it only contains 1 organic ingredients! Unbelievable isn’t it? We feel the term is being misused by many skin care manufacturers to distract you from the actual ingredients. Organic benzoyl peroxide for instance is still an unfriendly and harsh ingredient.

At Mudmasky we find that the real challenge is to make a clean product free from possible irritants that actually works.