Freshly made. Every month.

The natural ingredients are being scanned and quality checked, while the raw ingredients are being washed and processed and mixed. We are the only skincare company in The Netherlands that processes some of the ingredients our self. Our Face Masks are made every first Tuesday of the month and are always fresh. Our Hair Masks are made every 3 months. Since we are a relatively small company we have developed our FIFO (First In, First Out) System. No Face Mask is older than 3 months leaving our warehouse. No Hair Mask is older than 6 months. So we don’t need to add those nasty chemicals to keep them laying around for years.

Even fresh after you opened it

Many different studies and reviews have shown that antioxidants in skincare products breakdown rapidly after opening the product. Our airless 5-layer tube is especially designed for MUDMASKY® and has an EVOH barrier to keep antioxidants stable after opening. A huge benefit is that we almost need no conservation.