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Please read the MUDMASKY cookie policy carefully before using thiswebsite.

What is a Cookie? uses “cookie” technology. A cookie is a very small text filethat a website can save onto your computer’s hard disk to store your informationand settings. When you log on, the cookie tells us whether you have visited usbefore or are a new visitor. It doesn’t track any personal information, give usthe means to contact you, extract information from your computer or deliverviruses.


How to block Cookies?

If you want to check or change what types of cookies you accept, this canusually be done within your browser settings. You can block cookies at any timeby activating the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse the settingof all or some cookies. However, if you use your browser settings to block allcookies (including essential cookies), you may not be able to access all orparts of our website.


Clear and or delete all cookies

If you remove cookies, you'll be signed out of websites and your savedpreferences could be deleted. There is a simple to clear cookies. However,every browser has a different way. At MUDMASKY we want to make life simple, sowe have layed out the 2 most common web browsers used by 90% of the peopleworldwide; Google Chrome and Safari. Do you use an other browser? Pleaseresearch via Google how to clear and/or delete cookies before using thiswebsite.

First we will explain Google Chrome.

Clear cookies on Google Chrome

1)  On your computer,open Chrome.

2)  At the topright, click “More” :> and then “Settings”.

3)  Under"Privacy and security" click “Cookies and other site data”.

4)  Click “Seeall cookies and site data” and then “Remove all”.

Confirm by clicking “Clear all”.


Delete cookies from the website (or any other website) onGoogle Chrome.

1)  On yourcomputer, open Chrome.

2)  At the topright, click “More” :> and then “Settings”.

3)  Under"Privacy and security" click “Cookies and other site data”.

4)  Click “Seeall cookies and site data”.

5)  At the topright, search for the website's name.

6)  To the right ofthe site, click Remove


Now let’s learn how to clear and delete cookies on Safari.

How to delete cookies in Safari for MacOS Sierra on your computer

1.   Open Safari.

2.  Select“Preferences” from the dropdown Safari menu.

3.  Click on“Privacy,” then on “Manage Website Data.”

4.  Click on “Removeall” from the dropdown menu.

Using your iPhone to buy your favorite MUDMASKY? Here is how to deletecookies in Safari on your iOS iPhone/ mobile device.

1.  Go into theSettings menu on your iPhone.

2.  Scroll down to“Safari,” then “Advanced,” then “Website Data” 

3.  Tap on “Clearhistory and website data” to clear cookies.


How we use Cookies

We use cookies to track your use of ourwebsite. This enables us to understand how you use the website and track anypatterns with regards how you are using our website. This helps us to developand improve our website as well as products and/or services in response to whatyou might need or want.

Cookies are either one of the following:

  • Session Cookies: These are only stored on your computer duringyour web session and are automatically deleted when you close your browser.They usually store an anonymous session ID, allowing you to browse awebsite without having to log in to each page, but they do not collect anypersonal data from your computer.
  • Persistent Cookies: These are stored as a file on your computer, and itremains there when you close your web browser. The cookie can be read bythe website that created it when you visit that website again. We use persistentcookies for Google Analytics.

Cookies can also be categorized asfollows:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are essential to enable you to usethe website effectively, such as when buying a product and/or service, andtherefore cannot be turned off. Without these cookies, the servicesavailable to you on our website cannot be provided. These cookies do notgather information about you that could be used for marketing orremembering where you have been on the internet.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies enable us to monitor and improvethe performance of our website. For example, they allow us to countvisits, identify traffic sources and see which parts of the website aremost popular.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies allow our website to rememberchoices you make and provide enhanced features. For instance, we may beable to provide you with news or updates relevant to the services you use.They may also be used to provide services you have requested, such asviewing a video or commenting on a blog. The information these cookiescollect is usually anonymized.

Please note that third parties whoadvertise on our website (including, for example, advertising networks andproviders of external services like web traffic analysis services) may also usecookies, over which we have no control. These cookies are likely to beanalytical/performance cookies or targeting cookies.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Cookie Policy, or if you would like us to update information we have about you or your preferences,please contact us by email at or telephone at 00316. If you like to buy cookies and eat them, email us and wewill send you the best Dutch cookies made in Gouda (named “stroopwafels”) youhave ever eaten, completely for free! Use subject: Let me try that DutchCookie!

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