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Since the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people suffer from Surgical Face Mask Acne and don’t know how to treat and prevent “maskne”. You might have noticed that the term “maskne” pops up frequently. Either on Social Media or blogs, it roams around the internet. But what is it?

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The Maskne Pack Contains:

  1. The ORGINAL Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask – Use it as a spot repair daily or as a healing and deep cleansing mud mask once a week. 60ml / 2.0FL. Oz. . – RRP € 59 / $ 69 
  2. The Aftermask Vitamin Serum – Use this as a daily lightweight moisturizer under your cotton face mask. 30ml / 1.0FL. Oz. . – RRP € 49 / $ 57
  3. The Leave-me-on Winter Mask – Recommended and used by thousands of nurses and doctors worldwide. 40ml / 1.35FL. Oz. . – RRP € 37 / $ 44 

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I have had a very bad experience with chemical peelings. My whole skin was damaged. For weeks. Around that time I was introduced to @mudmasky and their Morning Boost Mask. What an incredible mask! For...

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