Shipping Information

Please be aware that our Fresh Mask Factory is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe).

We produce and ship all masks straight from our factory. This is the only way we can ensure fresh made masks. Therefore it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your fresh made Mask, if you live outside Europe.

Please see Estimated delivery times below. We don’t have track and trace if you choose Free Basic shipping. We only get a message when your package is delivered.

We advise you to only purchase from our official website. We highly advise you NOT to purchase any masks from other website (like Ebay etc.). We can NOT ensure the quality and freshness from other websites.

If you have any questions about your package feel free to email us any time via We answer 95% of our emails within 9 hours. Always within 24 hours. Including weekends.

Shipping Fees (Basic)

We offer free shipping worldwide worldwide!

Estimated delivery time (Basic)

We are working hard to reduce the delivery time for outside Europe.
– The Netherlands: 1 working day
– Europe: 6 working days
– US: 12-16 working days
– Canada: 14 working days
– Singapore: 10 working days
– China: 24 working days
– Russia: 28 working days
– Rest of the World: 12-26 working days

We ask that you please also make reasonable allowance for orders placed over weekends and during public holidays.

Shipping Fees (Priority Plus)

Premium, Priority Plus shipping costs € 15 Euro / $ 17 USD

Estimated delivery time (Priority Plus)

With Priority Plus you will have your package faster compared with Free Basic shipping:
– The Netherlands: No difference
– Europe: 3 working days
– US: 3 working days
– Canada: 3 working days
– Singapore: 3 working days
– China: 6 working days
– Russia: 6 working days
– Rest of the World: 6 working days

Your new pair of shoes can wait. Your skin needs you now. MUDMASKY®


Made Fresh in Amsterdam.
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