For centuries people have been enticed by the fragrant beauty of the rose. Perfumers have forever tried to capture its delicate scent, avid gardeners have marvelled at their perfect blooms, hell the makeup industry has even tried to mimic the vibrant colours of this beautiful flower and now it’s the skincare buffs that are jumping on the bandwagon! Rose oil might sound like an odd ingredient but it has been the secret weapon in the beauty arsenal of those in the know for years and for good reason too.

Rose oil is one of those humble miracle workers of nature. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, its healing and soothing properties are second to none. High in antioxidants rose oil regenerates tissues and is a known anti-inflammatory. This makes it perfect for those who suffer from inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea or even erythema (redness of the skin). It also has brilliant emollient properties so is super moisturising. Acne sufferers this oil will even work for you too! Rose oil is antiseptic and also astringent so helps to calm and heal pimples without aggravating or causing new ones to form. After using rose oil for a few months I even found that it worked wonders on hormonal pimples!

Healing, moisturising, reducing redness; there’s not much it can’t do! It’s no surprise that more and more brands are itching to include this versatile oil in their products! As well as helping a whole host of skin ailments rose oil is often used in aromatherapy. I find nothing more relaxing than running a hot bath and adding a few drops of fragrant rose oil to instantly turn your bathroom at home in to a luxurious spa.

So if you’ve been umming and ahhing over a new skin oil to try or have never tried one before then why not bite the bullet and try a rose oil? I promise you won’t be disappointed!

By Hanna Turner. Hanny writes exclusively for MUDMASKY®. Please check out her blog for the nicest beauty tips and tricks. 

Moroccan Lava Clay – also known as Rhassoul Clay or Ghassoul Clay – is mined from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco. It is an extraordinary mineral-rich clay which helps in the treatment of dehydrated, sensitive skin and enlarged pores. It also helps build and strengthen elasticity of the skin.

History of Moroccan Lava Clay

Moroccan Lava Clay has a long history of use in beauty care. It has been used for over 1,500 years as a soap, (face) cleanser, shampoo and skin conditioner. It was mainly used in Morocco as a traditional hammam ritual. But also in ancient Rome and Egypt.

How does Moroccan Lava Clay work?

In contrast to the conventional soaps and shampoos, there are no artificial emulsifiers, fragrances or preservatives in Moroccan Lava Clay. The benefits of this Clay comparing with synthetic products are that it only removes the dirt. Synthetic soaps however, not only remove the dirt but also most of the natural moist from the skin. Synthetic soaps leave the skin unprotected and the skin is stimulated to produce even more oil. Your skin will become out of balance. In the US 82% off the population suffers from out of balanced skin due synthetic soaps.

Moroccan Lava Clay cleans completely different. Due to its unique composition this clay has a high cleaning power and electrostatic force. It binds the excess skin oil and dirt particles. These are then easily washed away with water, leaving the natural protective layer intact.

Benefits of Moroccan Lava Clay

– It cleanses gently and thoroughly and not irritate.

– Improves circulation

– Suitable for all skin and hair type.

– It is completely environmentally friendly, without chemical additives, emulsifiers, fragrance or preservatives.

– 100% natural

– Unlimited shelf life

– Great alternative for people who want to get rid of the soap or have a skin allergy

– Great for small wounds

Mudmasky uses Premium Light Brown Moroccan Lava Clay, which is the mildest of all the clays, making it ideal for people with sensitive and dry and/or dehydrated skin because it keeps the natural moist inside the skin. The amazing properties of the Premium Light Brown Moroccan Lava Clay help to rebuild, moisturize and nourish the skin.