3 Tips for your clearest skin ever.

Clear radiant skin is something that everyone desires; however it isn’t always that easy to achieve. Below are three top 3 tips to help kick your skin in to gear and getting it on its way to being the clearest and most radiant it can be!

  1. Invest in an acid exfoliant. Now I don’t mean the sort of acid that’s going to burn your face off, I’m talking about acids such as glycolic, lactic or salicylic acids that are all proven to be effective exfoliators. As scary as putting acid on your face might sound its probably one of the best things you can do to improve skin tone, texture and help keep pores clear of dirt and oil. It helps to speed up skin cell turnover, which means that new, plump, youthful looking skin cells are brought to the surface more quickly. It also means that your pores are getting a good ol’ clean out of any nasty’s that might be lurking. Bye bye blackheads!
  2. Do a facemask at least once a week. Facemasks are brilliant for keeping skin clear and fresh because they contain more potent, active ingredients than your traditional cleansers or moisturisers. These active ingredients are what help to brighten your skin, hydrate dry patches and soothe blemishes. Mudmasky Detox Purifying Recovery Mask is just perfect for this! Masks are brilliant because they really give your skin a kick and allow you some much needed chill time!
  3. Wear SPF everyday. The number one secret for clear, youthful looking skin is to wear an SPF every single day and this is even more important if you suffer with blemishes or pigmentation. Exposing any new acne scars or hyperpigmentation to direct sunlight without an SPF will result in them becoming darker and more pigmented. It also means that they will take longer to fade and be more difficult to treat. If you’re worried about SPF breaking you out or making your skin oily then don’t worry. There are plenty of acne friendly SPF’s out there that will protect your skin without breaking it out!

So there you have it 3 top tips to help you achieve your clearest skin ever!