I love a facial as much as the next skincare fanatic but what I don’t love is how expensive they can be. I don’t know about you but I don’t always have the money to splash out on a fancy facial. My solution? Why not bring the spa to me!

In our hectic lives it is so important that we remember to take the time for ourselves to relax, unwind and generally look after our bodies and minds. But why not our skin? Sometimes in the hectic everyday we can neglect our skin and this can lead to it looking a little dull, lifeless and congested. As much as our body and mind can use some TLC so can our skin.

My favourite way to bring the spa to my home is by setting the mood. I love to light candles, play some relaxing ambient music and run myself a hot bath. If you’re in to bath bombs why not throw one of those in to the mix as well. Whilst your bath is running you can start with the first steps of the at home facial.

First cleanse your skin with your favourite cleanser to remove any traces of makeup, dirt and pollution that have built up on your skin throughout the day. Now is the time to relax in your bath taking the time to be still and enjoy the warmth of the water and the calm atmosphere.

Once you get out of the bath its the perfect time to apply your Mudmasky Facial Detox Mask. Thanks to the steam and warmth your skin will be primed to receive the amazing benefits of this detoxifying facemask. Apply a thin layer all over the face making sure to avoid the delicate eye area. Leave on for 7 minutes for dry skin, 9 minutes for normal skin and 11 minutes for oily skin. The combination of French green clay, Wyoming clay and Moroccan Lava clay work in synergy to detoxify the pores, calm inflammation and gently exfoliate revealing a clearer, brighter more even-toned complexion. Honestly this stuff is a miracle worker!

Wait for ten minutes before continuing with your normal skincare products of serum, treatment product (vitamin c or retinol) and your favourite moisturizer or facial oil. Voilà! Your skin will look flawless, poreless and positively radiant.