What the Hair mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo does

Forget everything you have ever learned about a shampoo. Our first haircare product is born from our experience in natural, fresh skincare.
Haircare has a lot to do with skincare. Beautiful, healthy hair starts with a healthy skin on the scalp, and a healthy scalp starts with good scalp care. To return your scalp to a healthy state, you need to free your follicles from what’s building up at the roots. New hair is born in the follicles, which get nourishment from blood flow in your scalp. When dead skin and oil accumulate at the hair roots, this buildup blocks nourishing blood flow and inhibits new hair growth.
Chemical shampoos hurt your scalp. That’s why we made this 3in1 haircare product with Moroccan Argan oil, Moroccan Clay and Flowers. These ingredients help to repairs and strengthens your hair, while moisturizing the skin on your scalp. Furthermore it controls Dandruff from the roots and works against itchy scalp. Works especially good for damaged hair after a chemical treatment (dyeing, bleaching, and permanent waves).

How we came up with the idea

This 3in1 natural haircare product actually exists for over 20 years. Swiss Dermatologist Lloyd Diamond has made this product in his lab almost 30 years ago, because he couldn’t find any natural Shampoo for his first newborn baby. He was (and still is) shocked that the best selling, so called “baby-shampoo’s” contain SLS and other nasty chemicals.