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We strongly believe that a healthy skin starts with education. Not with a skincare product. Not even ours. You have to understand how your skin works and why you are getting breakouts, wrinkles and other impurities. The environment and our lifestyle plays a huge part in why you have an unhealthy skin.

Your skin is your largest organ.

Your skin has the challenging task to Guard you, Protect you, and maintain your health and beauty throughout your life. The past 120,000 years the skin has evolved. However, the past 50 years our environment and lifestyle has completely changed. Multiple studies have shown that it was impossible for our skin to evolve so rapidly to face the many challenges that come with the “modern time”. Different types of environmental factors are damaging our skin every day. Making your skin unhealthy. So how can we get a healthy skin again? Let’s sum up the facts.

FACT: Our skin is not resistant to environmental factors such as UV rays and smog.

The famous Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD tells us that the combination of UV rays and smog are almost impossible for your skin to handle. “When UV rays of the sun come into contact with smog, the smog breaks down into free radicals. These free radicals can get into our skin cells and move around, damaging the cells and chipping away at their walls. The presence of free radicals can lead to premature aging.” A daily application of sunscreen helps, but is not enough to protect your skin against the combination of UV rays and smog. MUDMASKY® Facial Masks are packed with the right vitamins. Only from a natural source. We will help your skin to get rid of toxins, bacteria and germs.

FACT: Food and Cosmetics are damaging our skin.

Refined sugars, trans fats, alcohol, alkaline soaps and stress are all part of our “new lifestyle”. All these factors are causing imbalances in the skins pH, which leads to breakouts and other imperfections like wrinkles. MUDMASKY® Facial Masks are especially designed to restore the pH level of the facial skin and to give its natural beauty back. We don’t use ingredients that can harm your skin.

Learn more about how we have chosen the perfect ingredients that match your skin >

FACT: The ideal pH for the Facial Skin is 5.5

This could sound like weird science, but understanding pH-levels is easy. There is big chance the pH level of your skin is lower or higher than 5.5. The harsh soaps you are using and some foods you are eating are responsible for setting your skin pH off balance.

Learn more about how you can pH-balance your skin and what the difference is with an over-the-counter face mask >

We source our ingredients worldwide


Gray Wyoming Clay
Wyoming, USA

Purified Dead-Sea Aqua
Jordan, Middle East

France, Europe

Moroccan Lava Clay
Morocco, Africa

Camellia Sinensis Leaf
Japan, Asia

Maris Sal
Dead Sea, Jordan

Caucasus mountains

Arnica Montana Flower

Bambusa Arundinacea
Central Africa

Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

Shea Butter
Central Africa

Macademia Seed Oil

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