About Us

The Brand

Mudmasky is a small independent skincare manufacturer, specialized in pH-Balanced Facial Masks. Our Facial Masks are designed for men and women of all ages and all skin types.

Our Philosophy

We are devoted to provide you with the best all-natural facial masks produced in a truly sustainable and most transparent way. We feel obliged to explain every single ingredient we have used in our Facial Masks. That’s why we only use skin-loving ingredients and no harsh irritants that can upset skin, because we believe that what we leave out of our Facial Masks is just as important as what we put in them.

Our Story

Our names are Lloyd Diamond and Majid Mousavi and we are on the best journey of our entire lives.
Lloyd is a Swiss Dermatologist with over 30 year of experience and Majid is a Dutch-Iranian entrepreneur. Our journey begins in 2013 where we have met each other on a plane. We started a conversation and Majid was very impressed with Lloyd’s experience. Lloyd told him everything about populair skincare products and why most of them use chemicals. When Majid asked him if it’s possible to make a skincare product without using chemicals, Lloyd answered; “yes but the money that’s being saved on the cheaper ingredients is put in marketing, if you produce millions of units a year, 1 cent a unit is a lot of marketingmoney, with low quantities 1 cent isn’t anything”. Then and there Majid decided to change this “industry”.

The mission was to create the worlds first pH-balanced Facial Mask. It had to be all-natural, simple, but super effective without using harsh chemicals. We didn’t want to use popular marketing terms like “the newest technologies” or “groundbreaking” or “secret formula” or, well… you probably know what we mean by now.

Now the mission was clear we had to find a factory that wanted to produce our masks. It turned out that no manufacturer wanted to buy some of the raw ingredients because they were too expensive for mass production. We considered to “go for the money” and use cheaper proccessed ingredients to start right away, but we soon realized that it wasn’t anything we stood for. Eventually Majid came with the idea to import the fresh ingredients from different countries around the globe.

We are currently the only manufacturer in the Netherlands that processes some ingredients (like Japanese tea leaves and Moroccan Lava Clay) ourselves instead of working with many extracts to get a perfect stable Fresh Facial Mask. This process takes 72 times as long compered to manufacturing a normal Facial Mask. This is also one of the reasons why our Facial Masks are more expensive than a normal over-the-counter Mask.

Since the end of 2015 we offer you the Best All-Natural pH-Balanced Facial Mask you will ever experience in your whole life. We promise it and that’s why we offer you a money-back-guarantee and free shipping worldwide.


Our facial masks are produced in Amsterdam, located 60 miles away from our headquarters, to guarantee you the best possible product.

Drogendijk 26
3205LH Spijkenisse
The Netherlands

E-mail address: info@mudmasky.com
Telephone number: + 31 (0) 6 83 83 83 87