The pH-Level of your skin is the most important indicator to find out if you have healthy skin. The pH-Level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is. But what is pH and why is it so important?

pH stands for potential Hydrogen and is used to describe acid-alkaline ration. This ratio ranges from 0-14, where 0 is the most acidic and 14 is the most alkaline. You can scale the pH-Value of your skin with a pH strip. You can basically measure anything regarding the pH value as long as it contains some sort of liquid.

Der pH-Wert Ihrer Haut


The combination of sebum and sweat forms a film on top of the Stratum Corneum known as the acid mantle. It is both the physical and

chemical barrier that provides a crucial form of protection. This serves as the skin’s first defense mechanism. It is a fact that our skin is

slightly acidic. This has not onlt been proven by research, by it has also been known for about a hundred years. Modern measurement

methods provide an average pH of 5.5 (not 7, this has been confused by many). This is due to the natural body acids, sweet for example.

The importance of acidic properties for your skin’s surface also appears from the term ‘protective acid mantle’. It avoids harmful microorganisms such as negative environmental elements and protects the skin against infection, irritation, allergies and degydration. In addition, and intact acid coat also has a natural deodorant effect; the bacterial degradation of sweat components, which is the reason body odor exists, is kept low. More..



In a recent study done by students from the Erasmus university, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, it appeared that almost 96% of the skincare

products are not pH-Balanced and almost 85% of these products affect the Acid Mantle short- and long-term. This can bring your skin out of

its pH-Balance. When your skin is pH-unbalanced it is more vulnerable for skin infections and this can result into breakouts.


It is not ‘sexy’ to talk about the pH level of yhe skin. It is also not a topic which is often discussed. Skincare companies and manufacturers do

care about your skin, but it is easier for them to make a product which is in demand. It is a fact that pH-Balanced skincare products are low in

demand at the moment in Europe, China and The United States (APRIL 25th, 2017).

We genuinely hope that you have learned from this particular blog and even might have provided you with the golden advice when it comes down to buying skincare or beating any skin related problems.

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