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Makes your hair healthy by starting from the roots – the skin on your scalp.

This unique Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo makes the skin on your scalp healthy again. Repairs and Strengthens hair, while moisturizing the skin on the scalp. Controls Dandruff from the roots and works against itchy scalp. Suitable for all hair types, which need a special care and attention, and especially for damaged hair after a chemical treatment (dyeing, bleaching, and permanent waves).


Not just any Hair Mask or Shampoo. Haircare born from our experience in skincare.

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy skin on the scalp, not just a hair mask or shampoo. A healthy scalp starts with good scalp care. Did you know that dandruff is because you have a dry and flaky skin on the skin of your scalp? That’s why we made an all-natural haircare product that takes care of the scalp and hair.



Before Mudmasky Hair Mask

Meet Laura. We have met Laura via Instagram and thought she has amazing curls. However, we also noticed that her curly hair was damaged. So we approached her. (We will not make up a story and tell you that she has discovered us and bought MUDMASKY). She had never heard of the 3in1 Hair Treatment MUDMASKY and she was willing to give it a try. Later on she told us she was very sceptical, because she has been approached by many (big) cosmetic firms. She had tried a lot of products. Some helped a bit, others didn’t helped at all. We send her out some Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo’s to try.

After the first wash, she immediately texted us and told us she was over the moon with it.  “Thank you for sending this over, I was sceptical first, I have to be honest. If you have curly hair, it’s hard to find a good hair mask. But this stuff is freaking amazing. I understand why it has been named Miracle Shampoo, it does do miracles for my hair. My curls have more volume and just feel so soft! Thank you!!!”*

*Laura’s words translated in English. We did not pay Laura. However, we did send her out complimentary Hair Masks. 

What this 3in1 Hair Treatment does NOT do.

Forget all the every hair mask and shampoo you have ever tried. This is no normal hair mask or shampoo. We build this natural haircare product from the ground up with Moroccan Mud and Flowers. So you have to be ready for change.

Your normal shampoo foams. This doesn’t. Why? Because we don’t use SLS or any other ingredients that look a lot like SLS. Why? There is are a lot of evidence that this is a nightmare for the skin on your scalp and hair. The Department of Dermatology, Klinikum Dortmund and University of Witten/Herdecke, Dortmund, Germany has published a study with 1,600 patients for SLS irritancy and found 42% of the patients tested had an irritant reaction! If a person is sensitive to SLS, they might find the area that has been in contact is dry and look red. It may also be itchy or feel a bit sore.

Directions to apply & use the Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo:

  1. Apply on wet hair and massage into scalp and hair.
  2. Leave in for about one minute.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Massage the scalp for five minutes every day (without product) for a optimum results. Place the fingertips on the head and make circular stroking movements. Start at the back of the head and work slowly forward through the temples. This causes a tight scalp to come loose slightly from the skull, stimulating blood flow and the growth of new hair. This technique is also possible can be applied during the massage of a scalp mask or shampoo.

Gentle enough for daily use.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo – 3in1. 

Do I need to use a shampoo before?
Depends: If you didn’t washed your hair for a very long time (over 2 weeks), you can use a shampoo before.
Normally it’s not necessary to use a shampoo before, this is an all-in-on natural hair product.

Do I need to use a conditioner after?
No, do not use a conditioner after.

How many times per week shall I use this?
It’s gentle enough for daily use, but the results will not get better if you use this daily. We would advise to wash your hair with this all-in-1 hair treatment, just onces or twice a week.

Why doesn’t this foam?
We don’t use foaming chemicals (like SLS). Foaming is often an illusion that your hair is getting a good clean.

For who is this Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo?
This first ever 3in1 treatment is suitable for all hair types. Designed from the ground up. Perfect for hair that needs special care and attention. Especially for damaged hair after a chemical treatment (dyeing, bleaching, and permanent waves). Repairs, hydrates and strengthens the hair’s inner fibre structure. Intensive care for an irritated, itchy scalp. Works anti-dandruff. Made by scientists in Amsterdam. PETA-certified. Free from parabens and sulfates.

My hair does not feel squeaky clean after. Why?
The skin of your scalp produces a lot of different amazing oils. These oils have a lot of important roles. We don’t want to strip of all the oils. The mission of this product is to clean your hair, with keeping the moisture inside your hair.

I have oily hair. Is this any use?
If you have oily hair, you are probably are loving (chemical) cleansing shampoo’s. But fact is that the skin of your scalp wants to keep up producing enough oil. Outcome: It will only produce more and more. So the skin of your scalp and your hair gets “addicted” to these shampoo’s. If you have dry or oily hair, this hair treatment balances your skin on your scalp and your will eventually have a healthy and balanced skin (on your scalp) and hair!

Why is this so expensive?
Yes, we agree with you. This hair product is not cheap. Especially not if you compare it with a shampoo. The reason why this is 6 or 7 times as expensive is because different reasons:
1) It takes 30 times as long to produce 1 hair mask, compared with a shampoo, since we produce everything in house.
2) We use a lot of high end premium ingredients, some ingredients are used in natural medical care products.
3) MUDMASKY® produces everything fresh in small kettles to ensure product quality.

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