Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo – 75 ml / 2.5 Oz.

Makes your hair healthy by starting from the roots – the skin on your scalp.

This unique Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo makes the skin on your scalp healthy again. Repairs and Strengthens hair, while moisturizing the skin on the scalp. Controls Dandruff from the roots and works against itchy scalp. Suitable for all hair types, which need a special care and attention, and especially for damaged hair after a chemical treatment (dyeing, bleaching, and permanent waves).

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MUDMASKY – Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo

– 75 ml / 2.5 Oz.

For Men and Women. The first step to healthy strong hair.


  1. Apply on wet hair and massage into scalp and hair.
  2. Leave in for about one minute.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Massage the scalp for five minutes every day (without product) for a optimum results. Place the fingertips on the head and make circular stroking movements. Start at the back of the head and work slowly forward through the temples. This causes a tight scalp to come loose slightly from the skull, stimulating blood flow and the growth of new hair. This technique is also possible can be applied during the massage of a scalp mask or shampoo.

Gentle enough for daily use.

Haircare born from our experience in skincare.

Beautiful, healthy hair starts with a healthy skin on the scalp, and a healthy scalp starts with good scalp care. Did you know that dandruff – for instance – is because you have a dry and flaky skin on the skin of your scalp? That’s why we made an all-natural haircare product that takes care of the scalp and hair.

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I have had a very bad experience with chemical peelings. My whole skin was damaged. For weeks. Around that time I was introduced to @mudmasky and their Morning Boost Mask. What an incredible mask! For...

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Your new pair of shoes can wait. Your skin needs you now. MUDMASKY®


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