Morning Boost Mask – 60 ml / 2.0 Oz.


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A Natural way to wake and energize your skin in the morning.

Energizes and Lifts your skin in the morning. Hydrate and Smoothens, while feeding your skin with the needed vitamins. Works in just 1 minute. Your skin feels Super Energized and looks Healthier during the day.

MUDMASKY – Morning Boost Mask

– 60 ml / 2.0 Oz.

For Men and Women of All Ages and All Skin Types.

Wakes your skin up in the morning. Energizes and lifts your skin in just 1 minute. Extremely. Feeds your skin with essential vitamins for the morning.



Wash your hands (not your face) and apply just a thin layer of the Morning Boost Mask on your face. Brush you teeth for about 1 or 2 minutes. You will feel a strong boost after 20 seconds. Rinse your face with water after you are done brushing your teeth. You will feel refreshed and your skin feels and looks extremely energized during the whole day. Use in the morning, after waking up.


Important note:

Made and tested on sensitive skin, but every skintype is different. A patch test is always recommended. With any skincare product.


Waking up your skin. Morning Boost Mask.

The unique blend of Premium Arabica Coffee, Moroccan Lava Clay combined with fresh Indonesian flowers and rice makes the Morning Boost Mask – the coffee for your skin – in the morning. Just like every other MUDMASKY® mask every ingredient has his own important task. Since the mask is only applied for 2 minutes max, we have searched and tested ingredients that instantly boost, energize and “wake up” your skin.


MUDMASKY® only uses ingredients that are proven by history.

We don’t like to use fancy marketing terms like “groundbreaking” or “revolutionary”. All our masks are made with fresh ingredients that are being used for ages. All around the globe. Proven by history. Simple to understand. No weird science.

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I have had a very bad experience with chemical peelings. My whole skin was damaged. For weeks. Around that time I was introduced to @mudmasky and their Morning Boost Mask. What an incredible mask! For...

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Your new pair of shoes can wait. Your skin needs you now. MUDMASKY®


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