Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask


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The Sleep Repair Mask works while you are sleeping.

This Sleep Repair Mask Protects and Nourishes skin at night. Your skin looks visibly “less tired”. It also reduces dark under-eye circles. Your face will feel extremely smooth and energized in the morning. Packed with active ingredients that do the heavy lifting while you are sleeping. No fragrance.

Forget night creams.

Night creams stick on your pillow creating a perfect spot for bacteria to grow. The Sleep Repair Mask does not stick on your pillow. After applying this mask leaves an ultra-thin protective dry layer on your face (the mask). This ultra-thin layer makes sure to protect your skin from bacteria entering your skin.

Work hard. Sleep soft.

How the Sleep Repair Mask works

When we sleep, our skin is busy healing itself from damage we might have sustained in the day from UV rays or pollution. Studies have shown that new skin cells grow faster while you sleep. That’s why it’s very important to het the most out of your sleep. Key natural ingredients like Rose Water, Shea Butter , Koalin Clay and Apricot seeds help skin renewal and restoration at night.

How to use?

Apply a thin layer to your face, within 1 minute you are ready to sleep. Leave mask during the whole night for at least 5 hours, but no longer than 10 hours.

Remove the Sleep Repair Mask in the morning with plenty of luke warm water. Finish with cold water to “close” your pores. Dry your skin preferably with clean tissues. For optimum results minimise or do not use make-up (yes we know).

Use every night before going to bed.

Important note:

Don’t touch your face after applying anymore! Change your pillow cover every 3 days for the best results.


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