Der pH-Wert Ihrer Haut

The pH value of your skin

The pH value of your skin


The pH of your skin is the most important indicator to determine if you have healthy skin. The pH of the skin indicates how acidic or alkaline it is. But what is pH and why is it so important?
pH stands for potential hydrogen and is used to describe the acid-base ratio. This ratio ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. You can measure the pH of your skin with a pH strip. You can measure basically anything pH-wise as long as it contains some kind of liquid.


The combination of sebum and sweat forms a film on the stratum corneum that is known as a
known as the acid mantle. It is both the physical and chemical barrier that provides crucial protection.
Form of protection. It serves as the skin’s first defence mechanism. It is a fact that our
skin is slightly acidic. This has not only been proven by research, but has also been known for
been known for about a hundred years. Modern measuring methods show an average pH value of 5.5
(not 7, which has been confused by many). This is due to the body’s natural acids, for example.
The importance of acidic properties for the skin surface is also evident from the term “acid mantle”. It fends off harmful microorganisms such as negative environmental influences and protects the skin from infections, irritations, allergies and dehydration. In addition, an intact protective acid mantle also has a natural deodorising effect; the bacterial decomposition of sweat components, which is responsible for the development of body odour, is kept low. More…


In a recent study conducted by students at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Netherlands, showed that almost 96% of skin care products are not pH-balanced
and almost 85% of these products compromise the acid mantle in the short and long term. This can
throw your skin out of its pH balance. When your skin’s pH is out of balance, it is
more susceptible to skin infections, which can lead to breakouts.


It’s not “sexy” to talk about skin pH. Nor is it a topic that is often discussed.
discussed. Skin care companies and manufacturers do care about your skin, but it’s
easier for them to make a product that is in demand. It is a fact that pH balanced
skin care products are currently not in much demand in Europe, China and the
USA (APRIL 25, 2017).
We sincerely hope that you have learnt from this blog and may even have received the golden advice when it comes to buying skincare or tackling skin problems.

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