The reason your armpits are dark (and how to get rid of them)

Dark armpits and pesky bumps? These 4 causes can play a role.

1. Irritation from shaving

Your armpits can become irritated by the repeated movements of the razor. This leads to excessive production of melanocytes, the pigment that makes your armpits appear darker. Minimise excessive shaving or try waxing your underarms, which also helps get rid of dead skin cells.


2. Irregular peeling

It happens that microscopic cells can pile up under the skin. This can lead to discolouration of the underarms. This problem occurs when you do not wash your underarm area properly. Make sure you wash your armpits thoroughly and exfoliate them


3. Friction caused by tight clothing

Tight clothing creates friction and causes chafing, especially if you wear synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres do not allow air to circulate, which leads to moisture. When it is humid, more sweat is produced and the friction makes the armpits darker. This makes the armpits an even better place for bacteria to grow, leading to unpleasant odours.


4. Health issues

Dark armpits can also be related to various health issues. For example, diabetes, obesity, hormone syndromes or medication. If you have any concerns, be sure to consult your GP.


There are several tips and tricks to lighten dark underarms. However, start by trying one at a time. The skin in the underarm area is thin and very sensitive.

1. Mild exfoliation.
A mild scrub like PURE Saved by the scrub for armpits for the underarms could be helpful. Excessive scrubbing could make the problem worse. That’s why this scrub is perfect. It is very mild and the coffee grounds act as an exfoliator.

2. Moisturise the area.
Moisturise the skin in the underarm area to avoid dryness (which can increase the risk of irritation and darkening).

3. Shave with sufficient shaving cream.
Never shave dry! This increases the risk of irritation.

4. Laser therapy to remove pigment.
There is a possibility that dark underarms may worsen after shaving. In this case, you should consider hair removal with the laser.

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